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The Bridge Over The Valley is a national portfolio of brands that promote success within the rural American population. The ultimate goal is to create a self-sustaining demographic that is able to compete on a global basis. From health care and exercise programs to education and career training programs, the family at BOTV exposes the forgotten residents of rural America to the new world and successfully prepares them for its demands.

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The primary goal of The Bridge Over The Valley is to teach rural communities to become self-sufficient by giving back and supporting themselves. Our programs allow and welcome all members of the community to benefit from the efforts of the whole while realizing their individual values. This asynchronous support system allows community members to be supported while continuously helping others to realize their true potential. Join us today as we help to reshape rural America.

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Ongoing Campaigns

The programs that have been created for our well curated portfolio of service brands are necessary for the betterment of rural communities. Join our continuous effort to even the playing field for rural America.

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We created the Bridge Over The Valley Family after we realized that many people in rural America don’t seek the help that they need from strangers. Therefore, a great many of their needs were going unmet. The family approach works because its friends helping friends and family supporting family. Our programs promote a sense of pride by allowing our participants have an opportunity to both give help to others while receiving the help that they need the most.

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There is no shortage of ways that you can contribute in order to help our friends, family and neighbors in rural America. The Bridge Over The Valley accepts financial donations from individuals as well as institutions. In addition, we openly and warmly welcome volunteers. If you or anyone that you know needs services that aren’t listed online, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always open and willing to help in any way that we can. Let’s continue to build the bridge for the hope of rural America.

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Food Services

Food Services is always in need of donations and partnerships.


Tutoring opportunities are available for children and adults.


Contribute time, money and/or resources to help rural America succeed.

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