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    Our goal is to continue working and cooperating with churches, social service agencies and other agencies to identify clients and their clothing needs. Warm clothing during the winter months is essential to survival amongst our children, mentally ill and elderly in rural America. In addition, appropriate school clothing allows our children to focus on education. Our solution is to provide opportunities and programs through which those who are unable to provide their own clothing can depend on our mobile closets to help them over the valley.

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The Bridge Over The Valley :: Clothing Services

The Bridge Over The Valley helps rural America with many of its basic essentials not only to survive but to help them to thrive. We started with bags of clothes donated by our founder volunteers and BOA members. The next month, friends and family joined in on the efforts. Within months, it became “fashionable” to donate new and gently used clothing to those in several states. Over the course of the last 18 months our clothing services has reached over 36 states. We are constantly recruiting, encouraging and organizing volunteer workers to collect, package and distribute clothing to those in need. The Bridge Over The Valley also assists other organizations and programs which share similar goals. Proper clothing gives hope and encourages them to confidently strive towards success.

When we needed school clothes for our kids and job interviews for ourselves, the Bridge over the Valley always came through. They have been compassionate in ways that I have never seen from common people. I am not sure where we would get clothes or food from if it were not for them a lot of times. Both me and my husband are finishing school now and have guaranteed jobs through our programs! Thank you for being there for us on this long road.

Connie Swanson The Bridge Over The Valley Extended Family

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