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    The goal of the Bridge Over The Valley Cultural Services is to identify and rectify issues that consistently and predominantly plague specific cultural demographics within rural America. The core components promote cultural preservation, superior leadership and supports academic excellence. Through a unique approach to cultural advocacy, academic support, and community outreach with we balance the benefits of both multiculturalism and pluralism. The mission ensures the authenticity of transparency is preserved and attention is paid to the demographics that make America the great melting pot that it was intended to be.

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Bridge Over The Valley

The Bridge Over The Valley :: Cultural Services

The Bridge Over The Valley has a long term commitment to cultural services with respect to each community. We encourage rural Americans to maintain their cultural uniqueness while striving to reach their fullest individual growth and development. Support of cultural diversity is a core value in our program. Our methodology for providing the highest quality of services and resources are adjusted to meet ever changing needs of rural America.

You guys have saved us again. We were both out of work. We didn’t have any food and the lights were off. You guys came in again with help. Thank you for your kindness and treating us with love and respect. I never realized that there was so much help through your Bridges Cultural program. It has been a miracle to find there is so much help out there for people with different cultures

Betty Winfrey The Bridge Over The Valley Extended Family

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