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    The Bridge Over The Valley Technology FastTrak program works with individuals to find the right fit for careers. We then find the most comprehensive track with the shortest required time. We mentor, screen and prepare the applicants to ensure that the mentor they are paired with met their expectations of what “success feels like”. We have a database of career mentors to match our candidates with to ensure their success. From resumes to applications and interviews, the Bridge Over The Valley Technology Training program makes the process easier for all parties involved, keeping the goal of excellence in mind.

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The Bridge Over The Valley :: Fast Trak

The Bridge Over The Valley is proud to present the facility of career paths to our FastTrak® Curriculums. Our FastTrak Curriculums help individuals in rural America interested in particular careers learn what is necessary to become trained, qualified and prepared for the job. In addition, our FastTrak database helps individuals find jobs at companies that perpetuate their continued growth. We are committed to deliver valuable workforce information that helps job seekers, students, workers, workforce intermediaries, and employers develop exceptional teams.

The day that I was released from the Department of Criminal Justice, I received some information on the FastTrak program. My grandmother asked me to go down and at see what they were offering. The staff was very nice and had positive attitudes. Even though I was feeling funny, I stayed. Eighteen months later, I never expected this kind of positive change in my life. These people are doing a very noble service to the community and I am very thankful that they came to the small town where I live. God bless you and thank you.

Darla Thomas The Bridge Over The Valley Extended Family

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