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    Everyone has dreams. They have dreams of a fulfilling career, financial stability, a college degree. Education is what fuels our dreams. Without it we are stuck. The Bridge Over The Valley GED Prep is here to make sure that you get the education you need: earn a high school diploma, get the skills to find and keep a job, and even figure out how to be in control of your finances. Our goal is simple. The goal is to make sure that you are prepared to pass and excel on your GED test. That’s it. We have one job here and we strive to succeed at our job so that you can succeed at yours.

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The Bridge Over The Valley :: GED Preparation

The Bridge Over The Valley GED Prep was created because over 39 million adults in America don't have a high school diploma. Adults without a high school diploma are three times as likely to be unemployed as those with college degrees. However, while employers in rural America don’t necessarily expect a high school diploma they reserve the higher paying jobs for those with one. We point out to our potential candidates that the best-paying and often most satisfying jobs require training and education. A high school equivalency certificate opens the doors of trade schools, community colleges and universities. Too many adults feel left behind because those around them have high school and college diplomas. When adult learners work to get a diploma and succeed, they earn a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I'm so excited that I finally finished so I can provide for me and my 5 kids. It's been very hard over the years struggling with this learning disability. All that I wanted to do was prove to myself that I'm capable of learning. I know it's a lot out there for me. I've just been afraid because of my learning disability. I have goals. I have 3 beautiful kids. I always told myself when I go back to school and finish I'm doing it for me and my kids. My dream is to on my own clothing store. It's just been so hard but I refused to let it hold me back. Thank you for helping me accomplish this goal.

Karen Studstill The Bridge Over The Valley Extended Family

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