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    Our goal of The Bridge Over The Valley Healthcare Services is to improve the lives of individuals and families in rural America that require medical support. In addition we strive to close the gap between those with manageable conditions that are kept under control and those that have escalated into crisis situations due to neglect. We are not a healthcare agency. However, we work with those in the medical field from home health care agencies to pharmaceutical assistance programs to medical professionals that dedicate their time and services to help individuals in rural America

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    Monthly & PRN

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The Bridge Over The Valley :: Healthcare Services

Rural America is in a healthcare crisis. Many of its residents are uninsured. They earn barely enough to disqualify them for low income health care but not enough to afford health insurance on their wages. For many families, bread earners must decide between medication for themselves and proving food for their families. Under these circumstances, manageable conditions such as diabetes are swept under the rug. The effects are staggering. The Bridge Over The Valley Healthcare Services works by reconnecting the healthcare industry and rural Americans. We plan to continue our momentum by creating dialogue and collaboration between the healthcare industry and those that need it most. In addition, the benefits of strengthening our partner agencies are increasing. We are here to amplify the voices of those that require healthcare without the resources.

The Bridge Over The Valley has helped me when I was most sick. I don’t have much family here. I have had to depend on them more than a few times, but thank God they were here or I would not be here. They found the programs to help me afford my medicine and doctors to help me more. As I have no one else to help me most times, they have really been a real lifesaver when I was down.

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