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    The goal of the Bridge Over The Valley Housing Services is to continue to partner with agencies, companies, other organizations and private citizens to help those in need to improve and maintain the conditions of their homes. We have been able to meet the immediate needs for housing assistance by collaborating on innovative solutions to help furnish, repair, upgrade for handicap accessibility, clean, declutter and obtain housing in rural America for those in need . We will continue to strive to inspire generosity among our supporters and attract new donors and helpers.

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Bridge Over The Valley

The Bridge Over The Valley :: Housing Services

The Bridge Over The Valley helps rural America maintain a sense of pride in their housing situations. Dilapidated, mold ridden homes are becoming a cancer in rural communities throughout the country. Many of these homes would become a health hazard without the generous assistance of outside help. We partner with several entities to find the best approaches in order to solve the housing crisis in rural America. In addition, from cleaning services to lawn care services, our volunteers are here to assist those in need maintain their houses. One home at a time, we are helping individuals stay in their homes and maintain a sense of comfort across the country.

Our tough times have been tough. Unemployment around here is high so other folks cant affordably help much. I am on social security and both of my kids are on disability and will never be able to work nowhere. My costs are real high for medicine. The last thing that I been able to afford is repairs around the house. The Bridge Over The Valley been a true blessing to me and my family. They helped us get the help that we needed to fix things up around here and make our house livable again. We are real happy to call this home again. Thank you and God bless you all."

Nancy McCleoud The Bridge Over The Valley Extended Family

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