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    We have four core goals pertaining to the Bridge Over The Valley Small Business Training program. The first goal is to equip business owners with an actionable ability to function in a leadership capacity and apply that understanding to the work environment in order to help others, thereby enhancing their own careers. The second is to make sure that the business owner is well versed in accounting, economics, management and marketing. The third goal is to recognize and prepare business owners for additional formal education depending on their chosen industry. Lastly, to position business owners with the knowledge needed for promotion and new opportunities for themselves and others in the community. With these goals accomplished, business owners in rural America are prepared to compete in the global marketplace.

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The Bridge Over The Valley :: Small Business

The Bridge Over The Valley Small Business Training program was created to establish more responsible businessmen and women in rural America. Our courses and training help the candidates understand the difference between owning a business to make money and being in business to provide exceptional service that will last for generations. In addition, our small business owners understand the responsibility that rests on their shoulders to produce more successful small business owners in rural America. In this new adaptive environment, small business owners are charged with working with their communities in a collaborative effort to stimulate their local economies.

The Bridge Over The Valley Small Business Training program has been instrumental in helping me establish my business. They taught me how to set and reach goals. We utilized their marketing tools and reached an audience that I had not considered. Their client services modules helped to nurture relationships with potential customers that actually used our services. They had what it took to give me the confidence to push forth in a new industry. You guys are a lifesaver.

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