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    Our goal is to strengthen the leadership, power, and voices of women from rural American communities. We envision a world in which all women, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level or social status, are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential. The Bridge Over The Valley Women’s Empowerment programs focuses on education, positive self-identity, career and academic preparation. We encourage healthy relationships with self and others. We strive to continue to uplift women in rural America by collaborating with other organizations, companies and government agencies.

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Bridge Over The Valley

The Bridge Over The Valley :: Women’s Empowerment

Many women in rural America suffer from abuse, lack of education as well as depression. The Bridge Over The Valley Women’s Empowerment programs succeeds through focusing on strengthening coping skills, accepting accountability and helping women claim a new sense of self. We expose women in rural America to the possibilities at their fingertips and restore the faith that they need to persevere. We involve the women in leadership training promoting entrepreneurship, career and workforce readiness. Our group sessions grant opportunities to network with other successful women. We have a basic methodology, we strive to strengthen neighborhoods, seek justice, and transform lives of generations through supporting the women in rural America that nurture them.

The last thing you want to do is go to bed at night thinking about if your kids are going to have a place to live, food the next, clean clothes, let alone things like college. If they're hungry because I cant make ends meet nothing else is on my mind. The Bridge Over The Valley grabbed my hand as well as my children and promised not to let go. Coming from an abusive relationship, I wasn’t big on trust. You people have kept every promise that you made. Without places like this, you would just have to worry about lights or electricity being cut off while trying to get ahead. Its just not enough time without help. I am almost done with my program and am looking forward to working for my worth. I cant thank you enough. The sun is shining already.

Belinda Chambers The Bridge Over The Valley Extended Family

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